Way to Be, Fall Flea!

Enjoy a little Fall Flea eye candy, courtesy of our good friend, Nathan Ward!

DSCF3670 DSCF3707DSCF3511 DSCF3515 DSCF3516 DSCF3517 DSCF3523 DSCF3525 DSCF3532 DSCF3533 DSCF3536 DSCF3538 DSCF3543 DSCF3545 DSCF3546 DSCF3549 DSCF3551 DSCF3552 DSCF3557 DSCF3570 DSCF3577 DSCF3578 DSCF3581 DSCF3582 DSCF3554DSCF3584 DSCF3585 DSCF3586 DSCF3591 DSCF3592 DSCF3593 DSCF3594 DSCF3596 DSCF3597 DSCF3599 DSCF3600 DSCF3601 DSCF3604 DSCF3607 DSCF3608 DSCF3609 DSCF3611 DSCF3613 DSCF3614 DSCF3623 DSCF3624 DSCF3628 DSCF3629 DSCF3631 DSCF3633 DSCF3634 DSCF3638 DSCF3640 DSCF3641 DSCF3642 DSCF3643 DSCF3648 DSCF3649 DSCF3706DSCF3651 DSCF3653 DSCF3657 DSCF3659 DSCF3660 DSCF3661 DSCF3663 DSCF3668 DSCF3669  DSCF3671 DSCF3674 DSCF3678 DSCF3681 DSCF3682 DSCF3689 DSCF3711DSCF3691 DSCF3697 DSCF3698 DSCF3699 DSCF3714

OK! We’ll stop 😉

We’ll see you in February for Winter Flea (details coming soon)! ❤


About Columbus Flea

Columbus Flea organizes indoor & outdoor flea markets several time throughout the year. All Fleas feature friends from the neighborhood (and slightly beyond) selling a wide variety of textiles, ceramics, records, plants, handmade jewelry, original artwork, antiques, vintage clothing and more. Our proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio.  ***THE NEXT FLEA IS FALL FLEA! Sunday, October 6, 2019. ***For more information: columbusflea@gmail.com.
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