Summer Flea (a #TBT)

We’re throwin’ it all the way back to three or so weeks ago with Nathan Ward’s Summer Flea snaps! Take a look, enjoy, and don’t forget that the Fall Flea application deadline is TOMORROW (8/28)! Click here to apply ❤

_MG_5037_MG_5098 _MG_4920_MG_4909_MG_4914_MG_4921_MG_4919   _MG_4924 _MG_4925_MG_4933 _MG_4934 _MG_4937_MG_4938_MG_4941_MG_4948_MG_4949_MG_4958_MG_4961_MG_4962_MG_4972_MG_4974 _MG_4981 _MG_4982_MG_4984_MG_4985_MG_4986_MG_4988 _MG_4992 _MG_4998 _MG_5000_MG_5001_MG_5007_MG_5012_MG_5013_MG_5017_MG_5019_MG_5020_MG_5021_MG_5022_MG_5028_MG_5034 _MG_5036 _MG_5040 _MG_5044_MG_5047_MG_5049_MG_5050_MG_5054_MG_5055_MG_5056_MG_5060_MG_5062_MG_5065_MG_5067 _MG_5069_MG_5072_MG_5075 _MG_5078_MG_5081_MG_5086_MG_5090 _MG_5091_MG_5096_MG_5104_MG_5105_MG_5107_MG_5108_MG_5112_MG_5118 _MG_5119 _MG_5121 _MG_5122_MG_5123_MG_5124_MG_5126 _MG_5141 _MG_5152_MG_5154_MG_5158_MG_5160_MG_5161_MG_5168_MG_5174_MG_5180 _MG_5185 _MG_5193_MG_5199 _MG_5200_MG_5203_MG_5212 _MG_5215 _MG_5222 _MG_5226 _MG_5232 _MG_5234 _MG_5240 _MG_5242 _MG_5246 _MG_5248 _MG_5250 _MG_5258 _MG_5265 _MG_5267 _MG_5269 _MG_5277 _MG_5295 _MG_5301 _MG_5313 _MG_5330 _MG_5331 _MG_5334 _MG_5340 _MG_5346

About Columbus Flea

Columbus Flea organizes indoor & outdoor flea markets several time throughout the year. All Fleas feature friends from the neighborhood (and slightly beyond) selling a wide variety of textiles, ceramics, records, plants, handmade jewelry, original artwork, antiques, vintage clothing and more. Our proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio.  ***THE NEXT FLEA IS SPRING FLEA! Sunday, May 3, 2020. ***For more information:
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