What You WON’T, But What You WILL

With Fall Flea on tap Sunday at Seventh Son, the timing’s perfect to get to this order of business: So, what exactly is the difference between your traditional flea market and one of Columbus Flea’s open-air expos?

Now, the standard flea market is a beautiful thing in its own right: pay a few bucks, set up a card table or just fling open your van doors and get down to the selling of whatever wares you grabbed on the way out of the house that morning. We love that kind of scene as much as the next person on the hunt for buried treasure.

A “curated” flea market on the other hand—Columbus Flea, for example—features sellers selected by a jury of their peers. Used goods—records, furniture, T-shirts, household goods—are the cream of the secondhand crop. New goods—clothing, jewelry, and more—are original pieces made by locals. The treasure, if you will, is front and center.

But maybe it’s easier to show you in photos what you won’t and will see Sunday at Fall Flea.

First: what you won’t see:

Boxes of never-go-stale cereal.

A quartet of tires.


A flipfone flask.


Floor mats.


Power tools.


A roving gang of weed eaters.


This library of bootleg videotapes.


Whatever the hell these are.


A sad-ass oscillating fan.




Boxes of bathroom supplies.


This empty propane tank and this cheapo vacuum:


Boxes of patches from mall cop jackets:


Ok. So, what will you find this weekend at a Columbus Flea?

All manner of goods sold by vendors who create their own one-of-a-kind wares, as well as those adept at sniffing out the best of the best of the second-hand and then curating it for your shopping pleasure.

Stuff like:

1820 House Candle Company

419 Trading Company:

Aaron Troyer’s art

Abandoned’s wares and photos (like this print from the Old Crow distillery):

Bedlam Vintage

Crime Cats, the children’s book by Wolfgang Parker

Dear Deer fine art

Edel Vintage

EG Mobile Thrift

Elizabeth’s Records

Eva Ball’s drawings, sculptures, and paintings

FWD Furnishings


Ghetto Vintage

Gina’s Jewelry & Collectibles

Hannah Hoffman’s jewelry

Haus of Heathers

Hello Ellis


Honest Carry Goods

Hymned Clothing

Jolly Gargoyle Vintage

Leigh Cox Design & Illustration

Liminal Collective

Mamina Handmade

Megan Alwood Karcic

Memoire Arts

Mission Coffee Company


Moses Carryout Records (A.K.A., Ron House)


Mute + Gold

Nix Comics

Olliver Lifestyle

Open Hand Leather Goods

Perries Pies ‘n’ Pastry

Phyllis & Hazel

Poor Sparrow

Root Dub

Roots Records

The Baby Dynosaur

The Claw

Thirty-One Harper

Two Dollar Radio

Under Aurora

Used Kids Records

Yao Cheng

Challah Food Truck

That Food Truck

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Sophie’s Gourmet Perogi


Seventh Son Beer!

In the end, though, whether you’re a flea market traditionalist or a curated flea fan, Fall Flea always has something to suit everyone. We’ll see you there from 11-5 Sunday at Seventh Son.


About Columbus Flea

Columbus Flea organizes four annual Fleas: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall! ***All Fleas feature your friends from the neighborhood and throughout central Ohio selling a wide variety of handmade jewelry, original artwork, antiques, vintage clothing, quality records, unique crafts, and much, much more. ***THE NEXT FLEA IS SPRING FLEA! Sunday, May 6, 2018*** To receive more information: columbusflea@gmail.com.
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