Ladies and gents, we give you the Spring Flea 2014 Vendor Lineup! Come and fill your Flea Bags on Sunday from 11 AM-5 PM at Seventh Son Brewing!



Bopfish Vintage    http://bopfish.blogspot.com

Corrin Nicole’s Flowers   www.cargocollective.com/corrinwalters

Roots Records www.rootsrecords.com

Alison Rose www.alisonrose.com

Sticks and Stones Vintage

Evergreen Crochet & Embroidery

Beandon Kaes Artwork & Photography  www.brandonkaes.com

Phyllis & Hazel  http://phyllisandhazel.squarespace.com/

Candle With a Cause     www.candlewithacause.com

2 Urban Hippies    www.2urbanhippies.com

Vinyl Shock Records, LLC   facebook.com/vinylshockrecordshockmobile

Rock Of Sages     etsy.com/shop/RockofSages, etsy.com/shop/HappySageVTG

J-POPS      myjpops.com

Very, Very Books  Facebook.com/veryverybooks

Hannah Hoffman   www.hannah-hoffman.com

Ron House’s Moses Carryout Records

Choxley  http://choxley.wordpress.com

Second Chance Consignment Shop   www.facebook.com/SecondChanceGrandview

Bud Whitley’s Garage  http://budwhitleysgarage.com/

Nix Comics  www.nixcomics.com

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams  www.jenis.com

Elizabeth’s Records  www.facebook.com/elizabethsrecords

Hymned Clothing  hymnedclothing.com

Yao Cheng Design  www.yaochengdesign.com

Erb Tool Company  www.facebook.com/erbtoolcompany

L&L Vintage

Peace Love and Freedom Farm  http://www.naturallygrown.org/producers/3880

Aaron Troyer’s Art  aarontroyer.com

Homage  homage.com

Midwest Woods Furniture Co.  www.midwestwoods.com

Genoa  www.genoasoap.com

SoleBird Leathersmith & Designer  solebirdleathersmithdesigner.com

Paul Bearer’s CARNY CRITTERS  www.carnycritters.com

Attabeck Vintage

Bang-Up Vintage

Used Kids Records        usedkidsrecords.com

City Paws LLC      www.citypawsshop.com

Neon Roadtrip       neonroadtrip.com

Arrowood     www.arrowoodshop.com

Brooke LaValley & Perrie Wilkof

gabsandreese  www.instagram.com/gabsandreese

Giles Clement Photography  http://www.gilesclement.com/

Olliver olliver.bigcartel.com

Sweet Stella Designs  www.sweetstelladesigns.com

Fireforge Artwork

Ghetto Vintage  www.ghettovintage.com

The Table www.facebook.com/TheTable.ForkResponsibly

Challah Food Truck  www.facebook.com/ChallahFoodTruck

That Food Truck www.thatfoodtruck.com

/rōst/ coffee  http://rostcoffee.com/

About Columbus Flea

Columbus Flea organizes indoor & outdoor flea markets several time throughout the year. All Fleas feature friends from the neighborhood (and slightly beyond) selling a wide variety of textiles, ceramics, records, plants, handmade jewelry, original artwork, antiques, vintage clothing and more. Our proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio.  ***THE NEXT FLEA IS SPRING FLEA! Sunday, May 3, 2020. ***For more information: columbusflea@gmail.com.
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