Featured Vendor: Hannah Hoffman

Flea friend and metal-smith, Hannah Hoffman, is returning for Fall Flea!  Get excited to shop her jewelry collection which combines her love of metals (which she hand cuts) with elements from nature, much like those that surrounded her growing up.  “I grew up in a home surrounded by little pieces of the natural world: bones, plants, petrified wood, shells, stones and anything else you can think of…” Here’s a little preview of what she has to offer (we’re pretty jazzed about the precious little Geode Slice Necklace):


Geode Slice on 14kt Gold Fill


Vintage Unicorn Dangle Earrings on Gold Filled Wire


Hand Cut V-Style Brass Necklace


The lovely Hannah Hoffman herself donning the Brass Triangle Tiny Dangling Necklace

Check out more of her wares at http://www.etsy.com/shop/hannahhoffman and be sure to come visit her at Fall Flea on Sunday, October 7th at Seventh Son Brewing!  She’ll be sharing a booth with Laura Bradigan who holds quite the vintage collection (scored a pretty sweet pair of boots from her at the last flea for almost nothing!).

See y’all soon!

About Columbus Flea

Columbus Flea organizes indoor & outdoor flea markets several time throughout the year. All Fleas feature friends from the neighborhood (and slightly beyond) selling a wide variety of textiles, ceramics, records, plants, handmade jewelry, original artwork, antiques, vintage clothing and more. Our proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio.  ***THE NEXT FLEA IS SPRING FLEA! Sunday, May 3, 2020. ***For more information: columbusflea@gmail.com.
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