Featured Vendor: Opal Stackhouse

Opal Stackhouse made their debut at last year’s Fall Flea, and we, along with all the flea-goers, were elated!  With their perfect display of antique hardware and home furnishings, it was just what we had been missing.  Since then, they have opened their store front at 78 Parson Ave in Old Towne East and it is one of our favorite places to visit.  It’s a fun, eclectic mix of antiques and artwork that features the handywork of the creative forces behind Opal Stackhouse and the Chop Chop gallery: Ashley Puckett, Craig Dransfield, and Scott Williams.  You can also find some gems from the likes of Flea friends Michelle Maguire (sweet baby UFO’s and prints) and Aaron Klamut (wonderful woodwork).  They will be returning to set up shop at Spring Flea on Sunday, May 6th!  Opal’s Ashley Puckett says, “I’m excited to be part of the Spring Flea. It’s a super fun day, plus it benefits the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, which is awesome. It’s my favorite event in Columbus because it combines shopping, food, music and a real chill vibe. And I look forward to meeting a bunch of new people.”  Opal Stackhouse’s Spring Flea booth will feature, “fresh herbs and flowers from the garden, rusty buckets and dusty crates full of vintage items and antiques that are sure to spark a conversation. I want to have a few drawers for people to rummage through because I love the sound of rummaging,” says Puckett, who added, “I can’t wait to get a few new FLEA BAGS!”  We can’t wait either!  But in the meantime, check out Opal Stackhouse at www.opalstackhouse.com or on Facebook, and be sure to check out the shop.  In the meantime, the photos below will offer a tiny taste of what’s in store.







About Columbus Flea

Columbus Flea organizes indoor & outdoor flea markets several time throughout the year. All Fleas feature friends from the neighborhood (and slightly beyond) selling a wide variety of textiles, ceramics, records, plants, handmade jewelry, original artwork, antiques, vintage clothing and more. Our proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio.  ***THE NEXT FLEA IS SPRING FLEA! Sunday, May 3, 2020. ***For more information: columbusflea@gmail.com.
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