Featured Vendor: Ghetto Vintage

Ghetto Vintage has been a vendor with Columbus Flea since our very first Summer Flea event in August of 2010.  With their well curated selection of vintage tees and western shirts, they are definitely among the favorites of our attendees.  Yesterday, owner Josh Harden gave us some insight into what he does as well as a little tour of his pretty awesome, east side warehouse space.

Josh started Ghetto Vintage as a full time business about 3 years ago, although he’s been thrifting and collecting for a lot longer than that and has the strategy down to an art form.  He said, “Anyone can go to the thrift stores and find these shirts, but the trick is to actually not be looking for them.  Expect to find nothing, thrift for the fun of it, and be excited when that impulse buy presents itself.”  But not everyone has the sharp eye or the patience, and that is the service that Ghetto Vintage provides.  “We do the heavy lifting.  We dig through the basements and the estate sales and do the work for you,” Harden said, and we all appreciate it.

Harden and his 3 person team work primarily in vintage tees (most of the success seen in concert and sports team graphics) as well as men’s western style woven shirts and plaid flannels.  They focus on styles from the years 1975 through 1995, so you won’t find anything newer among his collection.  “The shirts are meant to be worn,” he said, so the inventory is in excellent, wearable condition.

Involved in mainly online sales through their Ebay site (shopped by the likes of celebrities such as Frances Bean Cobain and Terry Richardson), Ghetto Vintage loves to be a part of Columbus Flea’s markets because it gives them a chance to have a one-on-one experience with the customer.  Harden said, “Meeting the customer, seeing them pick up a tee and get excited about the graphic, and having that interaction makes these events for us.  It’s just a lot of fun.”

Look for Ghetto Vintage at Spring Flea and be sure to check out the site in the meantime at http://stores.ebay.com/GhettoVintage?refid=store.  Fun photos from our visit are below!

             ImageGhetto Vintage HQ


Selection of rare concert tees including a Neil Young Trans Tour tee from 1983

ImageMore super rad concert graphics (someone needs that satin jacket!)


For the Ohio sports nuts


Old-school Columbus graphics


Lobby area with Josh Harden and watch dogs George & Maggie, looked over by Grandpa Smoky Brown painting (late great artist from Olde Town East)


Avion Camper: Future mobile sales floor perhaps?


Incredibly rare Bauhaus tee


Shirts for days


And the Seegs came home with me!


About Columbus Flea

Columbus Flea organizes four annual Fleas: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall! ***All Fleas feature your friends from the neighborhood and throughout central Ohio selling a wide variety of handmade jewelry, original artwork, antiques, vintage clothing, quality records, unique crafts, and much, much more. ***THE NEXT FLEA IS SUMMER FLEA! Sunday, Aug 5, 2018*** To receive more information: columbusflea@gmail.com.
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